AIPAC is crucial to the US-Israel relationship and paramount to Israel’s survival. It is critical to engage the younger generation in order to sustain and expand this important movement. Each year AIPAC hosts an extremely empowering and influential event; their Annual Policy Conference in Washington D.C. This event is pivotal and large in scale, and with that understandably comes an expensive price tag which many young leaders simply cannot afford (tickets alone are $600.00). While AIPAC sponsors many college delegates to attend, there are very few subsidies for young professionals.



HaLev lowers the barrier for influential young professionals ages 22-35 to experience Policy Conference firsthand through the subsidization of their conference fees. Our program provides an enriching itinerary, allowing the participants to be fully involved in the conference, network both personally and professionally and engage in social events, creating an unforgettable experience that will no doubt spark a new generation of committed AIPAC supporters.  HaLev is not affiliated with AIPAC.


To date, HaLev has subsidized more than 500 young leaders to attend their first Policy Conference.